The Anambas Islands

General Information

Named Asia's Best Tropical Island by in 2013 the Anambas islands are indeed a tropical paradise. Located in the South China Sea, the Anambas are among Indonesia's northern-most border archipelagos. Facing the wide open ocean, the Anambas provide a panoramic view of blue seas and green islands dotted with azure lagoons. Here are excellent dive spots where divers will be amazed at the colourful underwater life, while on land rows of coconut trees protect the soft white sand beaches, where turtles have made the shores of the islands of Keramut and Mangkal their habitat.

The Anambas Islands covers an area of 46,667 sq/kms there are 255 islands in the Anambas cluster where only 26 are inhabited. The district has only some 45,500 population. 97 percent of its territory is sea where the largest islands are Siantan, Palmatak and Jemaja. Capital of the district of Anambas is called Tarempa and lies on the island of Siantan.

These islands are remote and off the main tourist routes but are in fact quite accessible on Schooner Dallinghoo. Actually it is by a far the best way to see the islands and appreciate the true beauty of the archipelago.

Admire the many lagoons here, especially on the islands of PantaiSelatRangsang, PulauBawah, PulauRongkat and PantaiPulauPenjalin, where islands emerge from the sea as out of nowhere. At low tide the islets grow together by the connecting sands, creating an inland sea and an outer sea beyond, with lagoons that are paved with white sand and here and there colourful corals. All of the islands in the Anambas have fine white beaches which glisten and become even more beautiful as the lagoons fill with aquamarine water through which one can see strange corals and schools of fish darting in the clear water.

Getting There

There are daily flights to Palau Matak in the Anambasthese flights are from Tanjung Pinang, on the island of Batam, Indonesia, just south of Singapore. If you choose to fly into the island Schooner Dallinghoo will go ahead of you and be waiting for your arrival at an anchorage very close the Conoco Philips Airport on Palau Matak, however at this stage this is only domestic with flights arriving from Palau Batam and Jakarta though there is talk of this developing to an international airport as there are some major resorts projects planned.

Sailing on Schooner Dallinghoo, the shortest and quickest route is direct from the island of Tioman in Malaysia, this route is under 100nm and is around a 16 hour sail, getting to Tioman and any charter can incorporate a few days in the Tioman group in Malaysia first before heading East. Both Tioman and the Anambas are official 'port of entry'.

Joining Schooner Dallinghoo in Nongsa Point Marina on the island on Batamand sailing to the Anambas Islands is the usual way to get there. Nongsa Point has a direct fast ferry link with Singapore and its major international airport. Batam also has an international airport with links to many regional hubs as well as domestic routes from around Indonesia. All entry clearances are carried out when you arrive on the island and you can then join Schooner Dallinghoo and depart Batam in your own time. The sail from Nongsa Point to the first islands is 112nm and takes a little over 18 hours to reach them.

Though the Anambas Islands do take a little time to get to you will certain think the journey is well worth it – travelling on Schooner Dallinghoo the jouney is always memorable part of the holiday!