Schooner Dallinghoo carries and Captain and crew of five (six in total) we therefore only offer fully crewed charters. We do not offer any 'bareboats' charters. There are two main types of crew chartering 'private' charters and 'cabin charters' , we offer both these types and both have the same standard luxury, the same standard of service and the same cuisine. We offer both these types during each season so they also cruise in both the same areas however there are a few fundamental differences:-

'Private' Charters – these are when the main charterer books the entire vessel for the period that he desires. They can then have the cruise by themselves or invite along up to seven friends and family to share the holiday with. The dates are set and generally the rough itinerary is agreed to at the time of booking however Dallinghoo is theirs for the cruise and they have a certain amount of say as to the day to day itinerary and the captain will base the days cruising and anchorages on the charterers wishes. The charterer can also dictate the day's events, deciding on the times for meals, the times for cruising and the times for the various activities.

This offers the guests a very high standard of privacy and quality time with friends and family, having the sole use of a luxury yacht and do exactly as you desire.

'Cabin' Charters – as the name implies this is when the guests book a single cabin on board Schooner Dallinghoo, this is usually for a couple and the prices for cabin charters are based on per person sharing but we will happily take a single person with a sole use of a cabin.

For both the summer season in the South China Seas and the winter in the Andaman Sea we allocate a number of weeks each season for cabin charters, we then but together a great itinerary for the week and then take bookings for the cabins.

If we have not done well you could find yourselves with the sole use of Dallinghoo or we might have been able to fill all four cabins and you will be on board with 3 other couples. As we offer luxury cruises to remote locations most of our guests have similar interests and desires even when they are from different age groups and we always find the different couples gel quickly and in some cases make lifelong friends.

As there is no principle charterer on these cruises and everyone has had the itinerary before they have signed up the Captain will generally stick fairly closely to this – there is always some flexibility and variations based on weather and conditions and his local knowledge. The Captain will use his experience and put together the best cruise possible for the guests – often even with private charters the guests leave the itinerary up to the captain as they know he knows the best locations and the best anchorages and the times to go to these.

Dates for the forth coming 'cabin charters' are:-
Summer 2019
Winter 2019 / 2020

If you are a group of four or if you wish to book two cabins and the dates listed do not suit you please ask us. If these dates are not booked already for a private charter then there is a chance we will put them on for you as a cabin charter and then add these dates to the list and try and sell the remaining two cabins.