Schooner Dallinghoo generally sails with a crew complement of 5 full time professional crew; though we have crew accommodation for up to 6 crew. This additional berth is often used should the charter guests require additional services such as those of a:-Divemaster / Instructor or Masseuse.

The Crew - Make or Break a Charter

The success of any yacht charter depends upon the ability of the vessel’s crew to meet the needs of the paying customers. The best cruising grounds and good weather matter little if the yacht crew does not provide excellent service.

All guests should be treated the same as you would treat the owner. The only difference is that the crew knows the preferences of an owner but with the help of the broker guests preferences can be obtained beforehand and where ever possible accommodated on board.

It all comes down to this – the happiness of all guests hinges on the effort expended by the crew.

The Captain will introduce the crew to guests at the start of every charter and the guests get the chance to introduce themselves to the crew. A full briefing will be conducted by the Captain with crew in attendance for the guest to know all the safety features of Schooner Dallinghoo as well as many other aspects of living on board that will make all guests stay both enjoyable and safe. This briefing allows any guests to ask questions regarding any aspect of the yacht or the cruise however the Captain and all crew are available at any time of the day to help guests and answer any of their questions.

The captain’s role is challenging. He is legally bound to ensure the safety of the guests and crew and to ensure that the owner’s property is safeguarded. At the same time, he has to keep the charter guests happy while they are on board, since the paying guests have a significant degree of freedom to decide the nature of the charter.

It is a delicate balancing act to ensure the clients’ demands do not compromise the crew.

The captain must also comply with the laws of the territorial waters through which Schooner Dallinghoo passes, with particular importance placed on drug restrictions. The captain must impose his authority in the event of discovering the use of recreational drugs. In all cruising areas, this is illegal and often carries a capital sentence or life in prison.  The captain is potentially liable for any breach of the laws;additionally, in many jurisdictions, the discovery of recreational drugs on board can result in the confiscation of the vessel by the local authorities.

It is essential that the captain ensures that all charter guests (and crew) obey these laws. Should there be an issue with this, the captain may need to refer to the owner/broker to agree on termination of a specific charter. Charter agreements provide the captain with full authority to prohibit the use of recreational drugs by the charter guests.A seasoned yacht charter broker understands this delicate balancing act faced by a charter captain and crew.

Brokers will try to gather as much personal information about the charterer by means of a preference sheet. On such forms, the guests can spell out their food and beverage likes and dislikes as well as the recreational pursuits they hope to enjoy during the trip (shopping, swimming, quietly reading a good book, etc.). Such preference sheets help give the crew a deeper understanding of the charter guest’s desires and expectations.

At the conclusion of the charter vacation, it is equally important for the crew and broker to discuss the trip. The feedback of the captain enables the broker to build up a comprehensive picture of the client’s preferences for future engagements.

When the captain, crew, broker and customer work together, the odds are quite high for a successful and memorable holiday at sea.



Captain Thomas has spent most of his working life on the water with over 20 years as a charter yacht Captain; he has sailed to all corners of the globe and back again! A highly experience and qualified Captain along with being an engineer, you can be assured you are in safe hands when Thomas is at the helm.  A German native and speaks English, German, French and Spanish.
Thomas knows what charter guests want and need for an amazing vacation and ensures that all aspects of the trip runs smoothly.



Ula – Dallinghoo’s hostess originally from Poland where she qualified in the marketing and advertising working in both Warsaw and London. Ula left the corporate world for a life at sea and has spent the last few years working on charter yachts throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Asia.  Ula will work with the guests before their arrival and during they stay on board Dallinghoo to ensure that all their desires and expectations for their vacation are not only met but exceeded!
Ula speaks English, Polish and German.



Noi adds a truly diverse culinary flavour to Dallinghoo’s compliment. Born of Thai heritage, she knows what the true spice of SE Asia should entail. However, Noi was trained in Paris and spent 20 years a chef in Italy! She brings a perfect compliment of Thai-Italian fusion to the menu like no other could and her seafood spaghetti is unparalleled. She welcomes any guest into the galley, but if you think her food is spicy, wait until you get a taste of her attitude!



Aung Tin Oo (ATO) is Dallinghoo’s man on the line. After spending 5-years aboard other classic schooners in Europe and Asia as bosun and chief mate, he signed on to rebuild Dallinghoo from the ground up. Anything splicing, rigging or sailing ATO is hands on.



Dominic. The man who only needs one name! This proud husband and father of two, has also been with Dallinghoo since her rebuild and knows every nook and cranny aboard her. When it comes to polishing the brass, helping in the galley, or serving an evening cocktail, Dom works hard to make sure each guest has exactly what he or she needs to be comfortable aboard.


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