Schooner Dallinghoo offers luxury private cruises and these are always tailored to the guests desires, during the period of charter the guests can choose their own itinerary totally or work with the Captain to put together the itinerary or sit back and let us put together an the itinerary for you once you have given us a few ideas as to your desires and expectations.

We know these waters well and can certainly advise the best spots in all the areas we cruise, as charterer you are free to change the itinerary as you go – if you find somewhere that you wish to stay an additional night in you can.

Some guests like to move early morning departing the anchorage at first light and then getting to the new anchorage mid-morning, others like to get up, have a swim, have breakfast and then sail during the early afternoon arriving at the new anchorage mid-afternoon in time for a swim before dinner. The choice is yours!

The following links are purely a small selection of sample itineraries for the various areas we cruise in, these can all be lengthened or shortened to the number of days you wish to have on board –

we are never short of islands and anchorages to offer you so we can put together a cruise for however long you wish.

Anambas Islands
Andaman Islands