Schooner Dallinghoo is off the drawing board of well-known yacht designer Dudley Dix from Rhode Island USA. She was originally built in 1990 in South Africa as “Spirit of Malvane” and after a number of years sailing throughout the Atlantic and the Mediterranean she finally arrived in South East Asia.

She is a traditional gaff rigged topsail schooner and a classic hull design for this type of vessel giving the casual viewer the impression she could have been built in the 1920’s rather than the 1990’s. She was purchased in May 2014 in Malaysia and after a number of months of planning and design work she was delivered to Yangon in Myanmar (Burma) where she has undergone a full rebuild, far in excess to a normal refit she has been extended and totally stripped out to the bare hull and we have started again renewing all decks, interior, wiring, plumbing fitting two new generators and renewing or servicing everything else!

The work was carried out by “Sydney Harbour Boatbuilder’s Yangon” an Australian managed operation with Australian shipwrights and the project managers. The skill levels available with SHB highly trained team are 2nd to none and with the ability to source the finest Burmese teak available. The end product of this 18 month rebuild is a yacht that for all intense could be called “new’ and with beautiful classic exterior lines and rigging but with a modern fully appointed interior.

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