FrequentLy ASKED Questions

You should bring what you normally would on a tropical vacation, due to less space being available on yachts it is best to travel light and pack everything into a soft / collapsible bag as storage of hard suit-cases is very difficult on board yachts.

It is completely your choice as how formal you wish to be on board. However casual wearing is recommended, and since the weather is usually sunny and never cold you will spend most of the vacation in bathing suits, so bring a few of them. You will spend your time on board barefoot, but it's good to pack some flip-flops and a rubber soled sandals or "reef runners" for venturing ashore.

Hat, sunglasses and sunscreens with at least 15SPF are very highly recommended, as well as soothing after sun products. Your toiletry bag should include all the usual items and perhaps insect repellent and seasickness pill just in case.

One factor you won't have to worry about when booking a holiday with us is the temperature. Southeast Asia, where the yacht Schooner Dallinghoo is based, straddles the equator, and all-year-round the temperature rarely ever falls below 26C (80F) except at night.

What really defines the seasons is the amount of rainfall, and the direction of the prevailing wind. The general rules are as follows:

- DECEMBER TO APRIL the prevailing winds are from the North-East, during this time the weather on the West coast of the Thai peninsular; Langkawi, Phuket, Mergui Archipelago and the Andaman Islands is as near to perfect as possible with light winds and hardly a drop of rain. December to March is the best time for a cruise on Schooner Dallinghoo in this area. This wind is an off-shore wind and therefore the seas are general calm inshore and rarely rough off shore.

- MAY TO OCTOBER, the prevailing winds are from the South West and during this is the best time to visit the South China Sea region which covers Malaysian Borneo and the Philippines and also includes the East coast of Thailand (Koh Samui and islands) and the East coast of Malaysia (Tioman and islands) and Singapore.

- Indonesia is the exception to this general rule. In Indonesia the weather is generally good for year-round cruising.

Throughout most of Asia's populated areas 3G & 4G GSM mobile network coverage is good and if you have your phone on international roaming you can access the system. Local SIM cards can also be purchased, along with top-up cards, which are available at many shops. However when cruising off shore and to outer lying islands coverage is poorer and sometime non-existent. Through-out the Mergui Archipelago there is no coverage at the moment other than the southern islands where a weak Thai signal can sometimes be received.

Mobile internet access is variable in quality and availability: in the big cities internet access is ubiquitous and of a reasonably high speed. However in remote areas internet access may be extremely slow or even non-existent.

When you enquire with us do let us know if mobile phone, internet access or satellite phones is something you require so that we can prepare in advance.

There is WIFI coverage throughout the accommodation and on the decks, Internet is provided through a 3G router with external aerial. Coverage through the route is often better than through a handheld phone but still needs a GSM network to work.

Schooner Dallinghoo does have an Inmarsat F55 satellite system which does provide phone and Internet coverage globally. This system is available for guest usage with prior notice, to allow setting up – it is not a cheap service and a current list of service charges and costs should be requested.

Children love sailing holidays, and a yacht charter vacation aboard Schooner Dallinghoo is an amazing way to spend quality time with the kids. With stunning islands of providing the backdrop, children will have a great adventure just being in and around the schooner.

Parents will be re-assured that on Schooner Dallinghoo

All children and adults alike will love kayaking, fishing, swimming, snorkeling or just splashing about in the water off the beach. Older children might like to learn how to scuba dive, hoist sails, tie knots, navigate with charts and to take the helm while underway.

The "ELSA" is a classic gaff rigged sailing dinghy which children and adults all love to sail and under the guidance of our trained crew is great fun to sail off from Schooner Dallinghoo while she is at anchor and explore local beaches and coast line.

In addition, here are a few other tips for making your yacht-charter fun for the whole family:
- Mask, snorkels, fins for younger children do not always fit well so if you already have your own set which fits well we definitely recommend you bring this.
- Pack rash-guards for the whole family. They are a great solution to having to put on so much sunblock all the time.
- Pack your children's favourite board games, travel games, and a small sketch books with colouring pencils.
- Pack a waterproof digital camera !

On board Schooner Dallinghoo our chef is experienced in most styles of cuisine and is happy to cater for the tastes and desires of the charter guests. Western and Eastern food can both be prepared though being in Asia, Asian delicacies are always a favourite and the chef always makes the best use of all the fresh local foods available. Seafood is always plentiful and usually a favourite for most of the guests, fresh fish can be purchased straight from the local fishing boats or even better caught by the guests and crew of Schooner Dallinghoo. On board we have a range of fishing equipment and fishing is always encouraged whether trolling while underway or fish at anchor or gigging for squid with spotlights at night. Fish caught by the guests are always the best tasting and you will never get fresher that 'rod to table' as those caught on board. Ashore guests are in for a culinary treat, as the region abounds in variety and taste. Generally Asian cuisine is delicious and spicy, and seafood in particular is some of the best value you can find in the world today. Asian tourism hot spots and cities also have many western restaurants for all budgets from fast food to fine dining establishments.

It is possible to move the booking dates to a future date instead of cancelling entirely, however if cancellation is required then as a general rule cancellation fees are based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:
30% of charter fee will be retained for cancellation up to 3 months before the charter starting date.
50% of charter fee will be retained for cancellation up to 2 months before the charter starting date.
100% of charter fee will be retained for cancellation less than one month before the charter starting date.

For yachts that use "MYBA" terms, the charter fee includes the charter of the yacht with all its equipment in working order, tools, stores, cleaning material, and basic consumable stores for engine-room, deck and cabins, etc., the crew's wages, food and the insurance of the yacht for marine risk and third party claims and the crew for employer's liability insurance.

However, the Charterer will be charged extra, at cost, for all other expenses. These include fuel for the yacht, fuel for the tenders, food for the Charterers, wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks for the Charterers, other consumable stores, berthing dues and other harbour charges during the charter, and any local fees or taxes incurred during the charter.

Not all yachts use "MYBA" terms, Schooner Dallinghoo charter price is more or less all-inclusive except for alcohol, a detailed list of what is included and excluded is under RATES.

No, you should not be concerned about pirates in the areas where Schooner Dallinghoo is cruising. It is an unfortunate fact of life that piracy does affect some parts of the world, especially around Somalia, and around the ports of certain large cities where boats moored near the city can experience burglary just like any house or shop. However in the cruising with Schooner Dallinghoo in Southeast Asia is far safer than many of the popular sailing areas of the world and incidents that regularly occur in the Caribbean are unheard of in our chosen areas.

There are likely to many differences in customs and etiquette between the Asian cultures and your home country. However, as long as you are respectful at all times, and use common sense, then you will be shown respect in return and enjoy your time in Asia that much more.
Asian's normally dress conservatively in public places (except for the beach or swimming pool), but especially in temples, churches or mosques. Public signs of affection (kissing, etc.) are best kept private as Asians rarely openly show their affections in public.

We insist all guests have adequate travel insurance before they travel. We highly recommend that you understand in detail what your travel insurance covers, and what it doesn't, before you decide what coverage is appropriate for you. Coverage varies depending on the provider.

Should you wish to go scuba diving it is required that you have the right coverage under your travel insurance or by your own personal scuba diving insurance of choice. Without this policy being shown to the Captain you will not be allowed to use any of the scuba equipment on board the yacht.

Schooner Dallinghoo carries two separate insurance policies: 1) Hull & Machinery Insurance, which covers the vessel itself in the event of damage or loss; and 2) Protection & Indemnity Insurance (P&I), which is a third-party insurance and covers passengers and crew during the time they are aboard the vessel.

It is important to note that the P&I Insurance does not cover accidents, injuries, or death outside of the vessel, e.g. due to any swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, water-skiing, surfing, kayaking or similar sports, whether supplied by the yacht owner, charterer, or any third party.