Schooner Dallinghoo offers a large range of activities board such as:- Kayaks, SUP, sailing dinghy and diving. All the locations that Dallinghoo sails in offer diving opportunities and some better than others and some are really world class! Diving is therefore a popular activity for some of the guests and Dallinghoo is fully equipped to offer this, we do however request that we are informed of this at the time off booking so that we can make the necessary arrangements such as ensuring we have a dive master or instructor on board for the trip.

All guests diving using Dallinghoo's equipment must be suitably qualified by an approved agency unless they are under taking instruction on board which we are happy to help in arranging with a qualified instructor.

Dallinghoo has two compressors; our main compressor is a Maximator 140 which is a large top of the range German unit with a smaller Bauer petrol compressor as our back up unit. We carry 10 cylinders and these are steel 12ltr cylinders capable to be pumped to 330bar. We are fully kitted up for up to 8 divers with standard equipment, if guests have special requirements we are very happy to help to arrange, most things can be arranged given enough time.

For additional safety for the divers especially as we dive in remote areas usually where assistance would take some time to reach us we have AIS Personal Locator Beacons for each buddy pair. Should the divers get service and are not where the surface support tender is waiting for them then the 'PLB' can be activated and this will send out a radio signal showing your exact position onto Dallinghoo chart plotter and from here the tender can be send to collect you.

Winter Season

During the winter season sailing in the Andaman Sea, diving is available almost in any location from Langkawi in the South through the Thai islands and onto Myanmar in the north, the islands and outer reefs in Myanmar offer some of the best diving in this region. For the divers wishing for something a little more adventurous then the Andaman Islands offer truly world class diving and the chance to dive areas seldom dived and in some cases never dived.

The Thai islands are generally well known especially the Similan Islands are a National Park and the diving is well documented, clear water with great visibility can be expected here. These are very popular and are visited by many liveaboards each day and are also in reach of day boats coming out from the mainland at Koh Lak so are generally busy. For some Thai islands which are not known as much and where there will be far less divers is the Tauranto National Park, this group of islands just north of Malaysia can offer some great diving and you will be mostly on your own, Though not accessible by day trip boats from the mainland nor visited by too main liveaboards from Phuket these islands are in easy reach from Langkawi in Malaysia with its international airport.

Summer Season

Cruising and diving in the South China Sea, here were are available throughout the region from Thailand's Koh Samui in the north , down through the Malaysia East Coast Islands and off shore to the amazing Anambas Islands. We can sail east along the North Borneo coast including the Malaysian Island of Labuan with its many wrecks and on to Kota Kinabalu the capital of Sabah.

The Anambas islands of Indonesia offer some of the best and undamaged coral reefs in Asia, clear water and calm seas make this a diving heaven, there are two wrecks that are recognised for their good diving the Seven Skis and the Igara. The islands and there treasures have been known for some time by the diving enthusiasts of Singapore and Malaysia but know their secret is becoming known around the world. Still a place where it is not easy to reach and the only way to truly see it is by a yacht.

A little further east from the Anambas Islands and just of the coast of Brunei is the Malaysian Island of Labuan. This small island is a major base for the oil industry so has good infrastructure, an International Airport, deep sea port and a good range of hotels, it also has duty free status. It also has a number of great wrecks nearby which are all easy to reach and dived:- The Blue Water Wreck, The Cement Wreck, The USS Salute and the Australian Wreck. There are also a number of shallow reef dives of some of the outer lying islands.

Diving in these remote areas poses some challengers but the rewards certainly outweigh them.

Diving has always been one of Dallinghoo main activities, with guests also taking part in a number of other activities whilst on board. We do however work closely with a number of diving centres on shore who can offer us support and assistance so that we can offer the more adventurous diver the full range of technical equipment and services including Nitrox and Trimix and are very happy to help to arrange fully diving charters.